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The Blue Tower
J.B. Simmons, author
Five Towers. Five Colors. Only one way out. Cipher wakes up in the Blue Tower with no memories of his former life. He discovers that he is not alone. Dozens of boys and girls must compete in a battle called the Scouring against four other towers—Red, Green, Yellow, and Black—each with its own rules and powers.   In his first Scouring, Cipher captures Emma, a girl from Yellow, whose memories from Victorian England move Cipher to uncover his own past. He must learn who he was before he can figure out why he's here…and how to get out.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, so much so that "devoured" is a more appropriate description. It's a tasty blend of a little Ender's Game (though less brutal) mixed with magic, some Hunger Games (though less dark), there is a recalling of love, but a lot more of loss, deep personal healing for some characters, a dash of a certain flavour of theology, and at the end of a long tunnel, what looks like a tiny glimpse of redemption. 


I love a book where you can’t even guess what’s going to happen next! This exciting 1st installment in JB Simmons new YA/Dystopian 5 part series is just what I needed. I wanted to devour, to turn to a book any chance I got (I’d had a few slow previous ones). 

I read this in only 4 days, which for someone with a job & kids is extremely quick. 

I loved the mystery, the adventure, the promise of what might be coming, the bravery of the lead, I cannot wait for the next book.