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The Boss's Challenge
Diverse indicators demonstrate that many people do not quit their job - they quit their boss. And organizations can be tough places to survive. ​ Key to solving both these problems is a more effective leadership team. And yet, being an effective boss can seem impossible to achieve given the conflicting demands that are placed on supervisors. Demand from the top is for better management--increased efficiency, higher productivity, and continuous improvement. Demand for the workforce is for better leadership--more humane treatment, better working conditions, and a more compassionate culture. The challenge is how to accomplish both. This is a book about what it takes to develop an effective leadership team comprised of people who are both competent managers and leaders. It took me over fifty years of leadership experience to comprehend the complexities of developing such a team fully, and I will use anecdotes to illustrate my points. Each chapter is designed to "stand alone," and yet it is but one piece of the puzzle. "So this is the beginning of my book. I hope you will read the rest." Mark Scureman

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Highly recommend for leaders and managers at all levels. I particularly recommend this book to those who find themselves in leadership or management positions for the first time.

All the "leadership" books, business school classes, and seminars I've read or attended seem to be aimed at making you the next best General or Fortune 500 CEO. Well, most of us are never going to rise to that level no matter how hard we diligently work. And why I found these books and classes frustrating. There is a great void of "leadership literature" accessible to the newly minted or mid-level leader. This book goes a long way to filling that void. This is not to say that the General or CEO can't learn from this book also - and they should. Scureman takes fundamental leadership principles and presents them in an understandable and relatable manner - without the gobbledygook. That is refreshing. People are not born leaders. Rather, they are developed. Let your development start (or continue) here. Scureman's principles are timeless and work from coaching the kids' church soccer team to the boardroom.


An excellent book - filled with stories that bring meaning and context to a treasure trove of leadership and management insights! I have purchased 50 books for my directors and everyone that reports to them at our organization!