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The British Army Reference for Ulysses Scholars

Reference book on the Late Victorian and Edwardian British Army from the perspective of the reader of Joyce's Ulysses.

This is the first volume of a two volume work entitled The British Army on Bloomsday. It contains a history of the British Army through 1904 with an emphasis on Ireland and Irish history. Includes extensive, detailed material on commissioned and enlisted life during the Late-Victorian Era (especially for Irish soldiers), the Irish Militia, the armies of the British East India Company, and a description of the British Army of 1904. The book's subject matter is viewed through the lens of James Joyce's Ulysses with multiple references to material in the novel. The book gives the serious Ulysses reader full background information on the military events and characters that appear throughout Joyce's groundbreaking and most popular novel.

While this volume focuses on the British Army, the second volume, The British Army in Ulysses, narrows in on the novel. The chapters on Molly Bloom and her father, Major Tweedy, present new findings that will likely provoke controversy among Joyceans.