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The Bubble: Everything I Learned as a Target of the Political, and Often Corrupt, World of Youth Sports
Maya Castro, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Politics, overbearing parents, and even corruption, in youth sports are nothing new. In fact, they've become as much a part of this environment as the rules of any sport. But, as often as this topic is covered by adults in the news and in books, it isn't as common to hear, from the athletes' perspective, about what this toxic culture is really like for the kids. In this insider's account, twenty-three-year-old Maya Castro shares her high school soccer experience, complete with infighting, a community-wide cover-up scheme, learning lessons, and much more. The Bubble is meant to be a wake- up call for the adults on the sidelines, one intended to encourage them to strive to be, what is in short supply within a kid's game, a role-model and mentor. Read The Bubble and learn what you can do to preserve the safety, fun, and meaning of a kid's game...all while reading a great story!