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N. Chowdhry
The Bubble Kids
N. Chowdhry, author
With the inclusion of so many finely wrought details about daily life, the novel acts as a window into another part of the world, adding much-needed context to lives that could very well parallel those featured in blood-soaked headlines. The novel excels at highlighting everyday moments of resistance to terrorism, violence, and extremism, practiced one brave act at a time, that mainstream journalism ignores but that fiction persists in exposing. The Bubble Kids is a completely engrossing and refreshing read. Clarion Reviews Chowdhry does a very good job of conveying the kids complex sets of circumstances as she paints a vivid portrait of innocent Pakistani people facing the terror of a fringe, fundamentalist group. This is a perspective not often seen, and the author balances its elements well by using characters from diverse backgrounds. A well-balanced and often powerful story recommended for younger teens and history buffs. Kirkus Reviews