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The Cancer In Healthcare–How Greed Is Killing What We Love

Adult; Political & Social Sciences; (Market)

Healthcare Has Cancer! You're spending more and more (and more) on healthcare. Is Obamacare giving you what you want? Something is very wrong with our healthcare system. Some blame insurance companies. Some point to hospitals. Others accuse the government of being greedy for more power. But there's something far more insidious and dangerous at work.... • Exemptions • Exchanges that don't work • Bureaucrats collecting all your private information • One side blaming the other Who really is at fault? "The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed is Killing What We Love" exposes the greedy behemoth that demands to be fed at the expense of our health. But there's hope! You can take control of your health and your healthcare. Liberal, conservative, libertarian, or independent-we are all Americans. We must fight this Goliath together. We need to take charge of healthcare and stop the out-of-control cancer that is killing everything we love. "The Cancer In Healthcare" shows you how.
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This review is from The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed Is Killing What We Love (Paperback)

Jane Orient, MD

Yes, there is plenty of Greed--mostly in places hidden from public view. The Third Party Payment, Compliance, and Quality industries siphon off billions. Their nano-management devours your doctor's time, energy, and morale.

Dr. Waldman's style is lively and lucid, and the book is packed with facts. It is not just another boring recital of platitudes.

His real life examples leave no doubt as to how absurd and sick the system is. His institution was "out of compliance" because an inspector found a doorstop in a specimen room and discovered that the books on the top shelf of his office were too close to the ceiling.

Read it and weep, laugh, or both.


5.0 out of 5 stars Health Care Reform, April 27, 2014

By Reader "Reader" (New York, N. Y.)

This review is from: The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed Is Killing What We Love (Paperback)

Deane Waldman's new book, "The Cancer in Healthcare," is a real value. Dr. Waldman, a pediatric cardiologist and an MBA, has studied the healthcare system in America and found it wanting. Here he exposes greed and corruption, writing in a common language for all people to understand, whether or not professionals. He calls for reform, and his call is persuasive.


4.0 out of 5 stars Healthcare Cure Yourself, July 16, 2014

By Peter Pond

This review is from: The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed Is Killing What We Love (Paperback)

Talk about a job area that has changed over the last several decades. Healthcare in general and the roll of a doctor in particular has been transformed as Dr. Waldman so clearly explains through examples from his own experiences. Red tape and stifling bureaucracy have replaced the primary role of caring for the patient. Any parent with a child thinking about becoming a doctor should read "The Cancer In Healthcare". This book provides a startling series of examples of just how much patient care has been replaced by red tape that actually increases costs at the expense of quality care - a great eye opening read.