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The Chapel of Eternal Love
Known for its lavish hotels and casinos, beautiful showgirls and sumptuous buffets, Las Vegas is home to an abundance of wedding chapels, where blushing brides vow everlasting love to their knights in shining armor. Follow Rosemary, the wedding organizer, and Buster, her dachshund with a nose for matrimony, as they guide you through the fictional stories of the Chapel of Eternal Love. Witness a Harley-riding love affair and a May-December romance. Meet a widow and widower who encounter each other at a cemetery and an Iraqi veteran and his anti-war activist bride. Walk down the aisle with two lost souls who find hope and a couple with differing religious backgrounds finding faith. Share the poignant, moving and occasionally humorous tales of the young and old, first-time sweethearts and long-lost loves. Discover the joys, sorrows and journeys that led each of them to the altar of the Chapel of Eternal Love.
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"Stephen's short love stories are touching and are wonderful examples of what the world truly can offer in the way of relationships. The characters he has created bring a sense of emotional warmth to your heart…in most cases. One would think that Las Vegas marriages are carried out in drunken stupors. Not so. Some of the people you will meet in his books are true soul mates."

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I have fallen in love with Stephen Murray’s book, The Chapel of Eternal Love. This amazing little book is filled with fascinating love stories of couples. They range from a couple of Harley riders who unexpectedly fall in love to a lady of the night to two sets of twins to a couple from vastly different religious backgrounds. Rosemary, who runs the chapel, is interwoven throughout each of the stories. Furthermore, Buster, Rosemary’s sweet little dachshund, is always at the chapel. He has a nose for simply knowing whether or not a couple is going to make it or not. There is even a hint at romance for Rosemary. With so many stories, you just have to keep turning pages – you want to know who will show up at the chapel next.

Extremely well written, The Chapel of Eternal Love is really, really good from page one. I am blown away and very impressed by how easily Stephen Murray gets you to understand the characters almost instantly. With each couple’s story only lasting for that chapter, I was shocked at how much information and depth Murray was able to give to each character and Buster. Love, love, love Buster – what a fun piece to add to the overall ambiance of the chapel. Ultimately, The Chapel of Eternal Love is like a peek into a day-in-the-life of Rosemary and her little dachshund, Buster. Yet, Murray has a way with words and style of writing that opens your heart to each character and their love stories. He makes it easy to fall in love with not only the chapel and Buster, but with each and every person chapter after chapter. I can hardly wait to read the sequel, Return to The Chapel of Eternal Love. If I could give The Chapel of Eternal Love six stars, I would!

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5 stars!

Reviewed By Deborah Stone for Readers’ Favorite

The Chapel of Eternal Love: Wedding Stories From Las Vegas by Stephen Murray is a unique story that actually contains multiple stories. Pastor Glen and his wife, Laura, move to Las Vegas, Nevada where tragedy occurs. During a complication in her pregnancy, Laura and the child she is carrying die. Grief stricken and lonely, Pastor Glen erects The Chapel of Eternal Love in honor and memory of the wife he would love forever and their almost perfect marriage. He wanted to unite other couples in the blessed state of marriage that he and Laura had shared. He still believed in the power of love. The constant reminder of the love and life that he lost was overwhelming and Pastor Glen sells the chapel and returns to Wyoming.

Over the next fifty years, countless marriages have taken place in the small chapel that he built in memory of his love. Rosemary has run the chapel for the past twenty-five years. She and her dog, Buster, schedule and assist couples every day to fulfill their desire to become one in The Chapel of Eternal Love. We are invited to witness a number of marriages and discover a little of each couple's background and what preceded each of their decisions to come to the chapel. Their stories are tender, touching, fun, romantic and sometimes sad. All of the couples are welcomed by Rosemary and Buster. Some are obvious in their love and devotion, some leave Rosemary wondering if they stand a chance; all are given her devoted attention and assistance.

The Chapel of Eternal Love: Wedding Stories From Las Vegas is a charming and tender collection of experiences of people from all faiths, economic status and walks of life - all seeking the same joy and happiness. The end of the book has some very tender and touching moments that will tug at your heartstrings. Stephen Murray delivers a well written, endearing story of not one love, but multiple stories of romance and love. Stephen Murray details the journey of each couple with clarity, emotion, and realism. Each couple is different and their stories are varied. This is an unusual, but compelling variety of people and situations that have been expertly woven into one delightful story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading Stephen Murray's sequel, Return to the Chapel of Eternal Love.

The Authors Show

No words can describe the heartwarming stories in Stephen Murray's book. While each of the wedding stories took place on one particular day, the care given to the development of each character is usually reserved for a full length novel about one particular couple. Murray has a wonderful talent of drawing his reader into the lives of each character and each separate story, and I found myself really caring about these people. Rosemary is the glue that holds this book together. With the help of her little dog Buster, each couple who visits the chapel is struck by Rosemary's caring nature. The two of them made that little wedding chapel unforgettable. Kiddos to Murray for writing a book that will withstand the test of time and will become one many readers will go to again and again whenever they need a feel-good read.
~ Linda Thompson, Host of The Authors Show

1st Prize Winner ATAI 2016 Book Award Contest

I am truly humbled and honored that the judges of the 2016 Authors Talk About It 2016 Book Award Contest awarded the 1st prize in the Mainstream Category to The Chapel of Eternal Love.

My eternal gratitude.