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Amanda Alix
The Cheap and Easy Guide to Health and Beauty
Amanda Alix, author
Did you know that you are likely using too much of your favorite bathing and grooming products? "The Cheap and Easy Guide to Health and Beauty" will show you how to save money by reducing the amount you use--without sacrificing cleanliness. You'll also learn about healthier alternatives to traditional grooming items such as hair color and dandruff treatments, as well as how to drastically reduce your use of aluminum-containing antiperspirants. Discover some little-known secrets about cleaning and moisturizing that will eliminate itching, flaking, and blotchiness caused by sensitivity to chemicals contained in most store-bought cosmetics. You'll even learn how to make your own makeup--using food products you already have in your kitchen cupboards! "The Cheap and Easy Guide to Health and Beauty" is chock-full of great tips on preventing common illnesses and treating minor wounds and injuries to avoid scarring. Find out how to effectively avoid catching a cold--and what to do on those few occasions when that common virus manages to penetrate your defenses. If you like the idea of purging most of your chemical-laden drugstore toiletries in favor of homemade alternatives, then this ebook is for you!