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The Cheese Pirates: Cheddar Island
PiRats have invaded Tillamook Bay. Only one mouse can stop them: Captain Pepper Jack. To save a seamouse from certain death, Pepper Jack leaps down a sea monster's throat. But endangering an entire crew and disobeying his captain's orders gets him thrown out of the West Tillamook Trading Company on charges of mutiny. His career is over – until the WTTC desperately needs a hero. PiRats stalk the seaways. Merchant galleons with rich cargoes of cheese and root beer never return from the dreaded Ghost Lagoon. Seamice desert the docks in droves. In a last-ditch effort to rescue the floundering cheese trade, Commodore Roquefort reinstates Pepper Jack and offers him command of the Parmesan. Leading a brave crew of Cheese Pirates against the PiRats' black fleet, Pepper Jack has one chance to defeat Tillamook Bay's greatest adversary – and one last chance at redemption.
Lynne Reid Banks, author of The Indian in the Cupboard

Pirates of the Caribbean, move over! Make room for a crew of mouse-privateers who will capture your hearts and stop your breath with their thrilling sea-going adventures! A wonderful story, full of bold mice, good and wicked, who will show you what courage really means. No human sea-faring brigand could exceed the Cheese Pirates in daring adventures.”