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The Cockatoo From Timbuktu
Join Kian the cockatoo on his adventures around the world! Can a childhood song about a shining star help him find his way home? From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China to New York City, wonders of the world are explored delightfully in this epic journey!
Amanda Williams (Amazon)

Beautiful story and cute charming illustrations that compliment this book perfectly. An absolute must to any child's library. Breathtaking work.

Cindy Shirley (Goodreads)

This sweet story is so fun to read. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous. Readers will love helping this brave little Cockatoo finds his way back to his family in Timbuktu.

Shalini's Books & Reviews

The book simply vibrated with an innocence which would capture the imagination of the kids and the child in you. I know it did mine!!