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The Consequence of War
Brian Oldham, author
Elijah McCoy was trained to kill. It's been two years since he returned from the war in Afghanistan, yet he still can't find peace. His only solace comes from being a vigilante, using his skills to brutally put down abusers, stalkers, and worse. But when he kills a member of a ruthless biker gang, Elijah is thrown back into a war zone that threatens to destroy him and those trying to save him. As the violence escalates, he draws attention from not only the police but also demonic forces who seek to turn Elijah into a tool of destruction. Compounding this is his budding relationship with Rick, a man whose friend he rescues, who is starting to have romantic feelings toward Elijah. And Elijah finds himself reciprocating. Elijah must fight against the consequence of war, overcoming his internal and external demons, or wholly give himself to them and become the monster he believes he is.