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The Crash of the Rising Sun
Austin Ross, author
The Crash of The Rising Sun Author. Austin Ross Austin Ross combines Politics Power and money in this thrilling new novel. Author Austin Ross shares his life experiences with a collaboration of people from around the world, experiences he incurred when he was an Executive Manager and part owner of a Swiss private bank in Geneva in the early nineties. In the world of shady Swiss Banking, one of the biggest scams of the eighties is unfolded and reveals a ruthless conspiracy who's members participate in their new found international pass time 'quick in and quick out, at whatever cost, minimum exposure and maximum rewards and the highest level of profit. From Geneva, Hong Kong, to Munich and New York, the story captures a serious side, yet Humor, intrigue, love, sex, power and corruption. Austin Ross has written four Novels and lives in France with his wife, Sisi the German shepherd and Alfie the Dalmatian.