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The Crown Agent

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Dan Brown meets John Le Carré in this investigative and imaginative story of murder and political intrigue. Tom, an agent with the CIA has kept his double life separate with expert precision until he is assigned to babysit both Harper, whose predictable life climbing the ladder of a respectable property company in London is about to change forever, and Kate who may well prove to be the real hero of the story. While February 1971 saw Apollo 14 landing on the Moon, the New York Times began to publish the Pentagon Papers. The confidence in the dollar was being eroded and alarm bells were ringing in London. At the same time George Fitzherbert, Crown Agent unexpectedly disappeared. Nearly four decades later - the ghosts of Watergate still undeparted - his grandson, Harper Nash is approached by two strangers who claim to have known his grandfather under the assumed name of David Martin. With the help of his sister, Kate, he undertakes not only to find an explanation for their grandfather's strange disappearance but to solve the puzzle surrounding 'David's Billions.' A carefully layered political murder mystery, this adventurous novel masterfully builds and suspends tension whilst showing that romance can materialise in the most unlikely of situations.