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The Culpepper Clan and the Un-Sacred Rhealm
P. Manning, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Two-hundred years before they were born, six siblings inherited powers of magic belonging to the evil diamond demon, Fea-Rhombus, who promises to take revenge on them before the oldest child Retta, turns twelve and their powers become fully absorbed within them. One horrific stormy night, the Culpepper clan find themselves scrambling to stay alive. An angry and deadly storm, sent by the demon to destroy the children wrecks their home and leaves them with little chance to survive. The Culpepper clan must use every bit of wit and imagination they possess to outrun the demon's storm. Monstrous elements of the storm; vicious lightning, wicked thunder, whipping winds and ripping rains are all working together to rid Fea-Rhombus of his soon to be "extremely powerful" enemies. The Culpepper clan!