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Amlan Bhattacharya
Author, Contributor
The DAD of Conspiracy Theories
...That World War-I was planned by the Christian nations to control the rise of Muslims in the form of the Ottomans, or the idea that the entire Congress Party was a British plot in India - are unheard of. More unheard are concepts like Netaji Subhash Bose secretly aimed to become a dictator in independent India and also something like Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao, not the 'Gandhis', were the true makers of the modern-day India. More like such ideas, commonly known in intellectual circles as 'conspiracy theories' are discussed, between an aging father and his teenage son. The conversations put light on issues pertaining to India's freedom struggle, world politics, social and cultural paradigm and also wars (WWI, II and even III). It travels from Naxalite movements to Modi's reforms and even covers the Clinton sex-scandal and the Nobel Prize awarding issues to names like Malala as well as Obama. A book that gives you an India Tour, with a brief World Tour too, spanning different timelines - is this one. A non-fiction through a fictional conversation. If you are good with your general knowledge, this is for you. If you have your own analysis for events and you don't go by what media describes, you are the absolutely right reader for it. Go ahead! All yours!