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The daughter of patience
It is January 2010, as two police officers emerge from their car and sprint into a building in an old Damascus neighborhood. They are joined moments later by Detective Mansour Chait from the Criminal Security Administration and find the lifeless body of a mother of four daughters and a boy with a congenital bone disorder, inside one of the apartments. After Chait writes his report, he is handed an envelope stuffed with money. A month later, Mullah Abdullah Al-Allab, a religious man is arrested and held for interrogation in a horrifying prison without any idea of why he is there. As he teeters on the brink of madness, his best student Salah Almawazly, mysteriously disappears. Who is the only friend of Khaled, the boy with the congenital bone disorder. As their stories intertwine, only time will tell whether any will survive their challenging ordeals. The Daughter of Patience is a modern-day murder mystery set in Damascus that highlights the injustices, corruption, extremism, and violence rooted in the Middle East.