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The Day The Sun Changed Colors

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Create)

The year is 4377. The world is a utopia. Robots and superadvanced technology do all the work, and everyone is rich and famous. There are no wars or diseases. Everything is perfect until one day when the Sun, for some reason, starts to glow red, which is quite the conversation starter. Over time this phenomenon intensifies and changes hues, bathing the world in ever changing colors. People realize that these colors are affecting their minds. Red causes excitation; green sedation; and blue, violence. LITTERBOT is the family cleaning robot. His body is able to transform into any shape to meet whatever situation arises, and he can predict spills up to 3 days in advance. He serves the humans faithfully, but they give him no respect. Not only that, but there's not much to clean in a perfect world.        TROLL, one of the two mothers, is a famous water scientist whose plans for retirement change when she discovers the world is going to run dry in 103 days. Normally fun loving and carefree, as the crisis escalates, she must draw on her heroism to save her family. BULB, one of the three fathers, and the Minister of Rational Thought, is highly intelligent, but very grumpy. When the solar radiation crashes World Computer, his utter faith in science is put to the test. He must resort to primitive paper books, and face his savage nature. The family including two small children works together to build an evacuation ship, but the sky colors are driving them crazy. As if this wasn't enough, the phenomenon has caused the moon to start falling.         Will they escape before it comes crashing down?