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The days of prey
Eric Grevillers, the protagonist of this novel whose plot takes place in France, just lived Napoleon's rise to power. A young aristocrat whose family has dispossessed of all his property by the revolutionary government. He became the protégé of Cabanis. This astute business person, taking advantage of his position of the official supplier of the French Army, monopolizes the works of art looted by the soldiers during the first Napoleonic Italian campaign. In the Paris of the late eighteenth century, Eric meets Virginia, came to perfect her language to France. He falls in love with this beautiful American, whose mother is of French nobility. To marry her uses the money earned by selling the art objects looted by French soldiers and bought at ridiculous prices. With these funds and thanks to the willing of Virginie, he manages to create a shipping company: The Fusoco. The company, based in Richmond, Virginia, will arm the most beautiful sail vessels at the time, the Clippers, the famous and very fast American brigantines. The Fusoco became an international shipping company that exponentially grows thanks to the initiative of the attractive Virginia, with a keen business sense and whose deep-blue eyes expressed a strong will. THE DAYS OF PREY tell the story of a young, ambitious and enterprising man, his rise to the highest peaks of the society of the time, his adventures on land and sea, his loves and passions, but above all, the incredible love he has for his wife, Virginie. This novel deftly mixes up stories to real events, historical, present and fancy characters in a precise reconstruction, suggestive and vivid, able to revive the taste for the great novel of action. All voices locked in the DAYS OF PREY, are the existent echoes of an authentic past that crossed Italy. They are also the voice of invented characters, no existent; surreal climaxes captivating the reader, they highlight those characters who are full of creative fancy, give their lives to form a story that lacks neither romantic attraction, nor sensuality. The vitality of their dreams will culminate in the desire of players to get and to stay together in a harmonious embrace that, apart from the intended ambiguity by the passionate effect will hand down all the intensity of human reality.