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T L Huston
The Death of Innocence
T L Huston, author
When eleven year-old Johnny Vegas sees his parents gunned down by a crazed drug addict a monster is born. Bye, bye normal life. Consoling him with god has a plan for everyone isn’t helping. Fifteen years later – the man is patient if nothing else – Johnny has his own plan, and there’s nothing god-like about it. He’s ready to find the murderer and rain down a fury that Lucifer himself would admire. Imagine his shock when he stumbles into a chance encounter with Jennifer Ashton, a gorgeous, award winning reporter with a knack for exposing people clothed in secrecy. Jenny’s is close to breaking her latest story – which threatens to expose the secret society of killers Johnny has joined. In a bizarre twist that Rod Serling would love, these two incompatible souls begin a what-the-hell-were-you-thinking romance that will place both of them in the cross-hairs of the secret societies top assassins. Oh, and that story Jenny's after – if she survives – will not only reveal shocking secrets about her new love – life is never that simple – it will also destroy everything that is precious to her.