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The Decagen Chronicle by Aguystus Cronkhite
Daniel Hein, author
A TALE ABOUT REDEMPTION IN THE MAKING Have you ever questioned the meaning of life, wondering why bad things happen to good people, naively grateful for your immunity from the chaos that reigns in the vastness of the universe. Then one day, you unexpectedly find yourself caught in the midst of one of life’s cruel twists while you wait for an answer from the unknown to determine your fate, not realizing it had already been decided at another time and place. You are not alone. Matthias Hener has been having this same experience time and time again, the consequence of an old German curse that has relentlessly tormented him and his family throughout time. It is not until Matthias is awakened to his plight that he finally discovers he is a decagen, a unique condition bestowed upon him by the time gods of Omega, which grants him the ability to travel in time to a parallel universe where redemption awaits. Unaware of the daunting task ahead, Matthias must confront his nemesis, a cunning foe that has tormented the innocent throughout the ages. With help from an Indian spirit guide and a mystical stonehead of old, Matthias must learn how to master the challenges that come with being a decagen before he can have any hope of defeating the curse that pursues him. Join Matthias to see if he can finally break free from the nemesis’ grip while he discovers the truth about the ageless dilemma common to humankind. A condition that forces us to choose between the darkest desires of our heart and doing what is right when we are at our weakest. A condition, which ultimately determines if we are able to find that elusive place of redemption, we all secretly yearn for. Beware, not all is as it may appear, especially in the Omega singularity.