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A sequel to the Mayhaven Award-winning The Essential Truth, and from the author of the bestselling Daughters of the Dragon – A Comfort Woman’s Story, The Dirty Truth tells the story of Nan Smith, the state campaign manager for presidential hopeful George Bloomfield. Nan discovers a dirty secret about Bloomfield’s opponent, Senator William Howard when an old woman tells her, “he murdered my daughter”. The revelation thrusts Nan into the center of a massive conspiracy led by billionaire Sheldon Hanrahan who will do anything to get his man the presidency and thrust is radical vision on America. Along the way, Nan learns just how dirty U.S. elections can be. In the end, she finds a smoking gun that will destroy Hanrahan and his man Howard, but powerful forces threaten her life to prevent her from exposing the conspiracy. The Dirty Truth is about bravery, commitment and one woman’s resolve to do what’s right for her country and family.