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john lester
The Divine Timeline
Divine Timeline is the story of a young explorer determined to make his own journey to the New World just as his older cousin Christopher Columbus had done 11 years prior. Only his journey would place him on the beaches of a remote paradise belonging to a group of natives who shared with him their last remaining fruit bearing the gift of eternal life. Upon returning home he realized his discoveries earned his name Juan Ponce De Leon a reputation among the elite explorers alongside his cousin. The only part of his discovery he was never prepared for was finding love. The adventure begins when he meets a young native named Nostradamus, the tribe’s storyteller with a task to ensure their story is never forgotten. Together they begin a 500-year journey in search of the native that captured Ponce’s heart, during which they contribute to mankind’s greatest advancements. Although their book would become known as the greatest adventure story written, they never lost their true purpose of keeping the natives story alive.