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Jenny Burke
Author, Illustrator
The Dragon Dreamer
J.S. Burke, author

The Dragon Dreamer (2014) is a science fantasy with flying dragons and an undersea world. It's a tale of two worlds with action, adventure, and an unexpected friendship. The dragons have ancient legends, dangerous games, and a deadly problem. "Fear ran up his spine like an icy claw. The legend was alive..."


Arak, a young flying dragon, crashes on a remote ice floe.  He suffers serious injuries and the loss of his trance-stone. An octopus named Scree finds and heals him. Despite worlds of differences, the two learn to communicate and become friends. When an undersea volcano erupts, it triggers a towering tsunami and a deadly chain of events. Can Arak use his unique talents and alliances to save the dragons?


The Dragon Dreamer is written for middle grade and young adult readers. It’s available on (paperback and kindle) and in stores.