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The Dragon Soldier's Good Fortune
An ancient king of Vietnam ordered his subjects to cover their arms and thighs with dragon tattoo's for protection against evil spirits, while they worked in their rice paddies. This proclamation was well received by all the citizens of that time and place because they knew that Dragon Power protected people against many types of evil. A millennium later Private Ed Lansky faces a different form of evil in those same paddies. As fate would have it, he meets Sergeant Chen, a GI with dragon tattoo's on his arms. Chen insists Dragon Power is no myth.
Authors, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Jack Woodville London, James C. Washburn, Reveren

Praise for The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune


“Eloquent, disturbing, vivid, and brutally honest, The Dragon Soldier’s Good Fortune is the story of an enlisted soldier's experience in Vietnam and his struggles following his return home. Not since James Webb’s Fields of Fire have I read a novel of the Vietnam War with such gut-wrenching power and sensitivity.” ~ Dwight Jon Zimmerman, New York Times bestselling author


“…a classic tale of a man in combat who slowly comes to realize that the Viet Cong are not his only enemy. With wonderful storytelling, the novel hooks you from the first page as Ed Lansky, one of the last men drafted and sent to Vietnam and utterly ignorant of what he was getting into, is busted for smoking pot on his first night in country and is tagged as a troublemaker. When he is shuffled off to one of the last American infantry units still walking combat patrols, the reader becomes a part of Ed’s platoon, where Ed soon learns that there are only two kinds of people in the world: those immersed in the terror of combat, and everyone else…Find and be a part of this engrossing story of men whose real battle was to stay alive long enough to come home.” ~ Jack Woodville London, author of The French Letters Series


“Vietnam doesn’t get more authentic than The Dragon’s Soldier’s Good Fortune. If you want reality, this is it. From the oppressive day-to-day grind interrupted by the nihilistic lows and highs of battle, this book forces its way into our consciousness and leaves us imprinted as if having been there. For those whom Vietnam is not personal the turmoil of that chapter of history will become unquestionably real. For those with firsthand experience, the details will jar memories out of dusty corners and reawaken questions concerning the morality of the war. We ride the whirlwind of Vietnam on the back of Private Ed Lansky, the “new guy,” as he moves from inexperienced and naive to sharp-witted and perceptive. We sweat with him on patrol and feel the effects and torment of the horrors of warfare in a young mind.” ~James C. Washburn, author of Beyond the Last Oak


“…a gripping first novel from author Robert Goswitz. It takes the reader behind the scenes and into the mind of soldiers fighting under the stress of combat in a foreign land. It exposes the reader to real struggles between men fighting the same enemy yet sometimes unable to deal with racial differences in their own Company. Goswitz’ Asian cultural references to the protector dragon and its magical realism add a compelling flair to the storyline of Ed Lansky and the rest of the men who served in Bravo Company. The climactic battle scene in the rice paddy grabbed me by the throat. A fantastic debut novel!” ~ Jim Landwehr, author of Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir, and The Portland House: A 70’s Memoir


“A one of a kind Vietnam War novel in the very best way! Combat is used to take the reader on a mystical and spiritual adventure where faith, trust, courage, and belief are born and tested! This is not just a war story—it becomes a level of consciousness. I enjoyed this book immensely. Not a common story and certainly a much deeper reading experience than could be expected. The author truly delivers an inspirational story.” ~ Reverend Bill McDonald, Founder of Military Writers Society of America, Author of Warrior: A Spiritual Journey, and Alchemy of a Warrior Minister, international motivational speaker, Vietnam veteran


Dragon Soldier Book Launch at Books and Company

Author Robert Goswitz will launch his debut novel The Dragon Soldier's Good Fortune at Books and Company, Oconomowoc Wi, on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 at 7:00 pm.