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Herod Galahad
The Dreadfang

Allow me the grand honor of introducing you to Sam the Dreadfang. A dauntless warlord, an inimitable mentor, and the venerated father of ten-thousand-and-one.

Yet the man wasn't always the greatness he stands today. Once, he was no more than a nameless boy – an orphan torn from his mother's breast and left to rot among the sworn enemies of his kin. Like so many of us, with the weight of the world slowly breaking his back, he should've succumbed to the cruel Mistress of Fate. But then, on one fortuitous day of murder and mayhem, came Dale – the Warbear – Abberford, and the boy saw himself elevated from the chains of poverty to a life of perilous adventure; a journey amid ancient Dwarven dynasties, Goblin kingpins, and crazed revolutionaries.

They always said Dale had a scary eye for talent. They had no idea.

When the mad wizard – Edgar Thaine – threatens to unveil the world below, a world long forgotten by mankind, the ancient order known as the Highgard sends their most treasured asset, the Warbear, to end the wizard's violent defiance and maintain the old world's privacy.

Alongside his new master, Sam is forged to the likes of a young warrior, and taught the ways of a world he'd thought to know before finding himself shackled to the ultimate test: survive and breathe eternal glory, or perish and tumble down the abyss of the nameless.