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The Eleventh Grieve
The Eleventh Grieve is a story about the professional and romantic redemption of a climate change denier set straight by two strong women. It’s the third decade of the twenty-first century, and the extreme weather events that are battering and broiling the country are getting harder to ignore. Jake Krimmer is a brash, thirty-something profiteer who's making a fortune reselling electricity to power companies whose operations have been disrupted by “weird weather”—the way Jake stubbornly refers to these horrendous effects of climate change. But his crack, on-staff meteorologist, single mother, and on and off girlfriend, Samantha, is increasingly disturbed by the damage to the planet and her role as Jake’s enabler for making money off of other people’s misery. By the time Jake is ready to admit she is “the one,” Samantha has one foot out the door. Enter Rita Ten Grieve, a mysterious, otherworldly woman who commands the Nimbus, “a technology that lives above the Cloud in the datasphere.” Rita uses the Nimbus to take Jake forward and backward in time with “ten grieves” to show him why he must end his denial of climate change and what he must do to win back Samantha. When he fumbles his opportunity, Rita must administer one final grieve, shock treatment for his moral sensibility and outlook on life. Think A Christmas Carol but with a beautiful, high-tech guardian angel cum yenta instead of ghosts. James Patterson calls The Eleventh Grieve “a clever and compelling fable that puts a new spin on global warming and the fate of our small planet.”