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Frits Schotsman
Author, Illustrator, Translator
The Enchantment of the Light

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

THE ENCHANTMENT OF THE LIGHT. Do you know the secret of success? Do you feel that life brings you everything what you expected? Do you dare to dream freely and are you confident that your dreams also come true. Or are you disappointed because you don't dare to believe in them, and life just doesn't give you what you would like to get out of? Do you belong to the latter category, then a surprise awaits you. . The E-book "The Enchantment of the Light" might just totally change your life.It's about a whole new perspective on the creative process and how much this can do for you. I realize this is a rather presumptuous assertion, but I can assure you that the philosophy which I unfold in this book could have drastic consequences for you, at least if you know how to apply the knowledge revealed. The power of your mind. Your mind has enormous power. It includes everything that make up your world. Astonishing as it may seem, yet this is true, because what the mind can contain and believe always has an equivalent in the world. To find out what the secret of success is, you must dare to dream. You'll need to give your imagination completely free rein in order to discover exactly what you want. Only then you can get in touch with your deepest desires and can you give expression to it. Your deepest desires are stored in your mind and sometimes it takes the necessary work to expose this area. However, by letting your imagination free rein, you make it possible to tap into that field and find out what's really of value to you. That's dreaming about your life, and the strength of it is that the whole range of your deepest wishes and desires is exposed with this. By consciously dreaming and to believe in the results, you give yourself a chance to make discoveries that would otherwise be impossible. Know the Secret of Success. Dreams are a powerful instrument in shaping your life. Each believed dream in itself is an engine that gives your life a thrust in the direction desired by you. When you cultivate a dream than therewith you give momentum to your life force. Therefore, dream big dreams. Learn to trust your deepest desires, because they are the motivating forces which control your dreams. Desire and dream are thus closely linked together. Where a desire is, there should always be a dream to provide the desire with the required driving force. Finally, your faith gives it the desired power to convert the original desire into concrete experience. A lot of people don't have enough confidence in their dreams. That's because they are wrong about the particular function that their desires carry with them. That function is not just accidental, but is rooted in the true nature of the creative process. Read this book with an open mind and you'll understand how important it is to follow the direction of your desires with confidence. Sometimes, however, the consequences of this revolutionary creation philosophy don't penetrate sufficiently enough to find a successful application in your life. Should this be the case with you, please know that success is always available for him who sincerely believes in what he knows. Anyway, this book contains your special secret of success. When you're acquainted with this, then you will know exactly how to have a life of wealth and happiness. You will however have to demand a lot from yourself. You'll namely have to work seriously with the offered material in order to discover the hidden secret that it embodies. And when you discover it, then you will know that absolutely everything is possible for you, and that your deepest desires are actually there to be achieved. This E-Book is available in epub format.