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THE ENCOUNTER - A NARRATIVE PART ONE is superior to the 'Fifty Shades' series and is better written and much more fun. The story is a mad-cap original fast paced romp about old fashion family values alive and well in the modern day world and chivalry ain't dead. The writer is not just an author. He is an artist who is painting pictures with words. He grabs you and brings out questions of "What is normal?" and most of all - he is fun! He will leave you wanting more. The back cover reads; "Our saga involves Celeste (a nursing student) who runs into Erik (an engineering student and captain of the baseball team) and of course they fall in love at once. Ergo she dumps 'Bear' who is the blind-side tackle on the A.S.U. football team. His buddy is the right guard 'Horse' and they are affectionately called the 'bookends'. 'Bear' gets a phone call from Celeste's sorority sister Sydney who has a life-long affliction of hyperovaria. Celeste and Erik spend a summer on his parent's 6,000 acre ranch in northern New Mexico where she sets up a clinic and pratfalls and experiences prevail. Sydney needs a car and the 'bookends' seek help from the boosters that involves a Chevrolet dealer, a mistress, an attorney, 'Margaritaville Harry', ceiling mirrors for bedroom antics, a disappearing two-carat diamond ring, a trip to Playa del Amor, a dominatrix and a waitress. By the way - whatever you do in life - do not ever call Sydney a bitch. Did I forget to mention the dead police officer and that it all culminates in an 'ENCOUNTER' in Tijuana? Would you believe that this started out as a short story?" Do not fail to read this book. It is a 'feel-good' romper. It is satire and ribaldry in the best form of Shel Silverstein. It is heartwarming, funny, titillating, entertaining with moments of hilarity and 'stick-in-the-muds' will probably consider it disgusting.