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The End: A Story of Truth
Adam Rudolph, author
It has been said that happiness comes from within. Yet, no one has ever really elaborated on how to find it there. We are often led to believe we must traverse a dark, treacherous, and seemingly endless maze in order to find that ever-elusive enigma called “happiness” in the infinite expanse that is our soul. When a young man that Adam has known all of his life tries to kill himself, he struggles to understand why. As the young man lies in a hospital bed, his impending death looms over them, and they go on a journey of self-discovery. During their search for Truth, they find that the walls of the maze to happiness are made up of lies. Lies we have been told by others and lies we tell ourselves. Lies about what depression really is and how it can be “cured.” Lies about suicide. Lies about the meaning of life, and our true nature. Lies about what it is to be a human being. They find that maybe the best path through the maze is not around the walls built of deception, but over them. Because the more Truth one finds, the faster those walls crumble. And all one must do is simply step over them.