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The End Time

AT LAST!  A book that will enlighten and give the reader a Scriptural understanding of the "BOOK OF REVELATION".

Reading THE END TIME is a MUST in order to understand and recognize the fulfillment of the Bible Prophecy for THIS CENTURY.

THE END TIME names the Anti-Christ and details the character of his ministry.

THE END TIME separates the symbolic from the literal and gives the chronological order of events in the past, present and THOSE TO COME.

Many people have said they understand most Scripture except for the Book of Revelation.

For a true interpretation and understanding of the Bible, you must understand this last book of the Bible.  The Book of Revelation is the culmination of all Scripture.

The End Time was written for you with this in mind.

Edward L. Boyce

There has always been a keen interest in the study of Eschatology, or "The Doctrine of Last Things".  Much of the basis for such a study and presentation of writtings relating to this subject is found in the last book of the Bible - - The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  There have been many books written on this Book, projecting several views relating to the truths set forth by John as he was commissioned by Christ to write the things he had seen and heard.  Jesus Christ is the central figure in the Book and all the events that take place in one way or another find their true meaning in Him and His will for mankind and the earth.

This book you are about to read gives the reader a meaningful, yet simple view from an evangelical writer of the events of the last days.  A prayerful reading of this book, with your Bible nearby, will give the reader a greater appreciation in the knowledge that God, in His wisdom and foreknowledge has a master plan for His Church, His Kingdom, as well as a sure and certain defeat for Satan and his plans to over-rule God's design for the future, as well as sinful mankind that will yield themselves to Satan's influence.  As one reads this book there will come a new determination to renew their consecration to Christ and His will for their life.  It will give new assurance that God is still in control of all mankind, this earth, and the heavens above, all spiritual forces, both good and bad, and He will have the final word in the affairs of man, both Christian and non-Christian.  It will renew the flame of hope that burns brightly when one is looking for the return of Jesus to this earth to rapture His Church.  It will bring into proper focus the attention and regard due this subject in the evangelical sector of the Church.

The writer of this book has spent a number of years in prayerful study and research, as well as sharing and receiving from others interested in this subject.  Much time, prayer, and thought has been involved in the writting of this book.  As a retired minister of fifty years service, forty-six in the pastorate, I recognize the need for such a book as the one you hold in your hand.  I recommend this book to those interested in the great truths of the Book of Revelation.  I believe the book is a sound, Scriptural presentation, in a balanced view that the reader recognizes before they get very far in the book.  Indeed, just to scan the Table of Contents will whet the appetite to read the book through, at the earliest convenience.  I am sure that it is the prayer of the author that as you read this book, the prayer recorded in Revelation 22: 20 will be your prayer-"Even so, come Lord Jesus."