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The Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies

A literary mystery with a tongue-in-cheek title. A librarian with her own bookmobile arrives in a small town and starts a book club. When an ancient book of herbal cures disappears, suspicion swirls around the quirky friendships of the different aged, different background book club members. Unaware of impending danger, the women secretly pursue their entanglements and troubles while sipping a strange tea grown in a gypsy garden.


“Spittler’s writing and imagery are stunning. Her words paint vivid pictures of memorable characters and places while summoning up herbal magic and mystery. This wonderfully imaginative story is an homage to female friendships and to classic writers who penned subtle words of erotica for curious minds, even Emily Dickinson. I look forward to my next cup of tea and hope it is as lively as those in the book.”  —Di Saggau, book reviewer, Island Sun and River Weekly

“An intriguing, herb-seasoned page-turner, with engaging characters and plenty of plot strands to untangle.”  —Susan Wittig Albert, author, Death Come Quickly

“The women in The Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies captivated me in this richly woven tale of mystery, erotica, and ancient herbs. The author skillfully wove together disparate elements into an intriguing story. Not only did I enjoy the book, but I was entertained by spicy quotes from famous works like Candide and The Decameron. This book has it all!  —Elena Díaz Bjorkquist, author, Water from the Moon