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The Ethereans: Chrysalis

The planet spaceship Nibiru looms over the Earth, and the companion star Nemesis roils behind the sun out of view. The haze of its iron oxide shroud casts an ominous, ruddy glow.

The people of Earth bear a heavy burden under Anunnaki occupation. The presence of their otherworldly overlords haunts humanity. They mete out a harsh new rule of law under their Old World Order. A catchphrase splashes across billboards: “We gave you life, we can take it away.”

The terrifying hit squads of their reptilian allies the Subterrans patrol the city streets to enforce martial law. Aliens mingle with humans in the streets and workplaces. Anunnaki sympathizers abound, lurking in the shadows of every neighborhood. Distrust grows like a pervasive thorny hedge, choking the psyche and dividing communities.

UFO researcher Kaz William and gifted spiritual healer Jordan River join forces with Cadet Peacekeeper Eagle and his fellow Ethereans. With the help of Captain Kestrel and his Ultra-liner crew, they embark on a mission to rescue their lost kindred. They work together to dodge the oppressive control systems of the Anunnaki.

With each passing day, Nemesis grows nearer. Wild weather has become the norm, and the people of Earth brace themselves as the rogue star approaches its heart-stopping perihelion.