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The Fiery Eye Beast: Rolling Calf by Roland Brown
Roland Brown, author
SYNOPSIS: The Fiery Eye Beast THE FIERY EYES BEAST (26.04.19) Author Name: Roland S. Brown. LOGLINE: In the past a demonic beast with chains haunt a local Jamaican village. Characters include: Hades King- A retired US Navy Seal who hunt down the demon based on hearings that the demonic kill his beloved daughter Adrienna. He served in the Persian Gulf War being through alot his MO is to find happiness after his retirement. But life have other plans for him. Rollin Taur - A hunter who is trained in a SDA (Special Demons Academy) and study ancient demonologies an ancient curse family curse secret decide his destiny. The others include: The butcher(member of the curse bloodline, have alot to do with Rollin Taur destiny), butcher wife, butcher daughter, Police Superintendent, 9 Police Officers, Snow partner in crime( Snow henchman), the cursing lady (the lady who hate the butcher with a passion), Police officer brother( a officer brother who die in a tragic accident), little boy with the cursing lady(a little boy who Rollin Taur recognize from a photo, the kid is a member of the curse bloodline family; the little kid hate the butcher even though the butcher care about him), Mrs Munez(Pastor Munez wife), Pastor Munez kids( the kids who stare at Okill when he visit Pastor Munez the kids father), Psycho(maniac member of vilage enforcers he share a secret with the butcher), David(crime kingpin, businessman and millionaire), David(crime king pin, business man, self acclaim village enforcer leader), bartender( Sapphire Peach hustle associate), Sapphire Peach(Stripper), Pastor Munez(Minister Of Religion), Cadence(11 year old kid Snow daughter), Charity(teenager girl), Zacky(teenage boy) ,Okill(Convict), Snow(drugs overlord) ,Zioness Taur(Rollin Taur daughter), Cuceritor Invige Taur(Rollin Taur son), Warner man(A powerful man who chant prophecies),Mass Tahta(Jamaican man),Tall rough looking man at the bar(A regular who visit the bar), drunk sleeping man(a drunkard who sleep in the bar at times), the strange looking man(an individual who is a passer by) Old woman with shrieking voice( a rebel old lady thar complain about her husband missing animals), Criminals(Local criminals who steal the village people animal), Eddy(retard who stand at the bar door as an activity), Scyte(Zioness Salvation demon hunter dog). Doctor Zioness Salvation- Phd in demonology and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics also study at SDA. She Roland Brown ex and best friend. George- Senile elder who always talk stories about the fiery eyes beast. He makes a pact with the devil but betray the devil after he do too much evil deeds