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james smith
The Fourth Pillar

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Publish)

Mr. Terry Irving is a four time Emmy award winning journalist. He edited and reviewed my book which is titled The Fourth Pillar. In the following you will find Mr. Irving's credentials and his review of The Fourth Pillar. I was most fortunate to be able to get Mr. Terry Irving to do my edit and I am grateful for his observations. He has put in place all the elements of a successful commercial thriller. The Fourth Pillar has been through numerous iterations with this acclaimed editor and writer. Mr. Irving is a four-time Emmy award-winning writer and producer. He has also won three Peabody Awards, and three Du Pont and Telly awards. He worked as a senior live control room producer at CNN, Fox, ABC and MSNBC. He wrote and edited copy for some of the top anchors and journalists in television news including Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer, Wolf Blitzer, and Aaron Brown. Mr. Irving has produced stories in all 50 States and around the world from Beirut, Hong Kong, El Salvador, the fall of the Berlin Wall and Tienanmen Square. His track record includes being: · Former Senior Producer at CNN · Former Executive Producer at MSNBC · Former News Producer at ABC News · Former Operations Producer at Fox Broadcasting Company · Former Producer at This Week with David Brinkley · Former Producer at ABC Weekend News · Former Desk Assistant at Good Morning America -----Original Message----- From: Terry Irving To: James Milton Smith Sent: Sat, May 7, 2016 3:14 pm Subject: review recommendation Subject: Review Recommendation or use it as an editor's note The Fourth Pillar. First, James Milton Smith is very much the Real Deal. He gets both essemtoa; of writing about war; riveting descriptions of the fear, joy, terror, and exhaustion of real combat and the years of internal battle with the “invisible wounds” that all of those who have truly been on the front lines. His writing was wonderful and my job, as editor, was like that of an archeologist—clearing away the undergrowth of redundancy, the rules that long-forgotten teachers told him he had to follow, and the brutal damage that the Marine Corps does to the English language. Once that was done, there were vivid descriptions, crisp dialog, and a wonderful sense of humor. Sort of an Angkor Wat of a book. Again, the sequences where he opened his veins and described the painful process of coming to terms with PTSD, there is an honest and wonderfully human story of the “push pull” process of seeking help when all his conditioning fights against it. There is another way that Jim is the real deal. Sure, this is a novel (wink wink) but I’m here to say that this man knows way too much about the CIA-led Secret War in Laos--a conflict that the US Government still continues to deny ever occurred—for this to be considered Fiction. I have to assume that Someone is still out there trying to keep this secret and mandated the label of “fiction.” This is about as fictional as an After-Action Report and a hell of a lot more interesting. From the fleshpots of Thailand, to the ludicrous “secrecy” of a war everyone but the American public knew was being fought, to the Hmong and Thai soldiers he fought alongside, to the horror and misery of killing his fellow men; Jim has nailed this story. With all that, it’s not a simplistic diary of one man’s time in combat, it’s a meditation on the meaning of life and death (particularly when death is a matter of centimeters and a Ka-Bar knife) the constant process of thought, meditation, and reconsideration that Jim has gone through, and the sharp intelligence that flashes through on every page. All that and a surprise ending. It was an honor to work on this book and I would like the reader to understand that “The Fourth Pillar” is very much the work of James Milton Smith alone. Terry Irving Emmy Award-Winning TV journalist I have gone the extra mile and written a screenplay for The Fourth Pillar. as well. James "Jim" Milton Smith P.O. Box 459 1004 Dawson Avenue Joseph, Oregon 97846 Mobile: 541 398 8257 My web site: