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The Girl from Spaceship Earth

Adult; Memoir; (Publish)

In 1982, a year before he died, the enigmatic American genius Buckminster Fuller granted young journalist Patricia Field a rare one-on-one, two-day interview. In it, Fuller shared his warnings about climate change, fossil fuel depletion, and the need to move to sustainable living years before such concerns were a blip on anyone’s radar.  In that interview, Pat pledged to carry Fuller’s ideas into the future and use them to help save humanity from extinction.  What follows is an amazing personal journey that will simultaneously break your heart and mend it.

You also learn all about the thinking of one of the finest minds to have ever inhabited Spaceship Earth, a term he coined. About how and why the students of Stanford, where his archives are kept, have never heard of him. About how fossil fuel interests prevailed over Bucky's clean energy thinking. 

In the end, one woman's struggle to find her voice brings the reader to know that we are all girls from Spaceship Earth; that we are all crew; that there are no mere passengers. We must all speak truth to power about climate change now.



Chapman Park isbn 9780999046



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Buckminster Fuller's Daughter Makes Rare Endorsement

Allegra Fuller Snyder, daughter of American genuis Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), has endorsed new pop nonfiction title The Girl from Spaceship Earth, a memoir about one woman's journey to understand and share his practical utopian ideas. 

Snyder pledged the support of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which she co-chairs, and which recently moved to San Francisco, where the author is located.