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The Girl from Spaceship Earth
This is the true story of a life intertwined with the utopian ideas of a mysterious and brilliant American genius. A mind-blowing two-day interview with iconic futurist Buckminster Fuller in 1982 Chicago leads an overeager advertising copywriter to promise she’ll share his urgent messages with the world. When his dire predictions come true on America’s worst day (9/11) she must face up to her commitment, which morphs into obsession thanks to unsettling discoveries she makes in Bucky's archives fat Stanford, further confirming the truth of his warnings. Her outsized passions threaten her relationships and her sanity as she grapples to live up to her promise to share his ideas. This heartrending, fast-paced memoir is about climbing out of comfort zones to find your own voice to make a difference in the world. It also gives readers a charming introduction to the ideas of a long lost genius many of today's young people have never heard of, and is perfectly timed to coincide with the current women's movement and social activism on climate change and other critical social issues. It entertains and teaches, and is endorsed by some modern day heroes, like Bill McKibben.