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Gary Zuercher
Author, Contributor
The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night

Adult; Art & Photography; (Market)

The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night is an eclectic collection of extraordinary gelatin-silver photographic prints of the bridges of Paris – nighttime images that are breathtaking. Accompanied by a fascinating historical portrayal, the book presents a unique and aesthetic vision of Paris because no one else has ever photographed and written about the 35 bridges that cross the Seine in this way. “For the most part Parisians take these architectural wonders for granted, relying on their functionality to get them where they want to go each day,” says author Gary Zuercher. “They don’t appreciate the beauty because most don’t see the glow of the bridges at night. And most have forgotten that from Julius Caesar to Princess Diana, the bridges of Paris have played in important role in history.”
Bob Bishop Editor/Publisher, Paris Voice

With stunning black and white photos in the Ansel Adams tradition and stories about Paris' legendary bridges this is a real Paris book gem.

David M. Seager, Art Director National Geographic Society. Washington, D.C.

This book presents sumptuous photographs of the great bridges of Paris in all their nocturnal splendor, glowing and poetic. You can almost hear the gentle lap of the Seine. A must for collectors of fine photography.

Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Gary Zuercher reveals Paris as few have ever experienced. His luminous black and white photographs define the origin of the Paris’ moniker as the City of Light. His subject – the bridges, after dark, glowing in the lights that make the night city live – Paris without people, without semblances of activity... his photographs witness the luminosity of the city. 

Kirkus Reviews

Pictures of Seine River bridges frame nighttime views of the French capital in this striking coffee-table collection of photographs.

Zuercher, a businessman and professional photographer, presents black-and-white photos of all 35 of the Seine bridges in Paris. . . . [He] supplies brief, sprightly accounts of each bridge’s construction and the history of its site. . . . But the book’s centerpieces are its ravishing photos, which are overexposed to give the scenes a palette of bright but warmly luminous highlights, shading into slate and black backgrounds. Zuercher takes several shots of each bridge, capturing both the long sweeps of the spans and the close-up details of stonework, décor and gargoyles; looming in the backgrounds are Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks, all set off to spectacular effect against the riverscape. The end result is an iconic visual record of the heart of Paris.

A superb pictorial evocation of the City of Light, full of dazzling images and intriguing lore. — Kirkus Reviews


Phillip Dennis Cate, Curator Special Exhibits, Musée Montmartre, Paris

Gary Zuercher's approach of depicting Paris bridges at night is a truly unique aesthetic vision of the city. His manipulation of the camera, playing with shadow and light effects, isolates and elevates these important architectural symbols of Paris far beyond their daily, prosaic function. 

Ross Rojek, Editor-in-Chief San Francisco Book Review

The Glow of Paris is a spectacular collection of photos that creates a new meaning to "Paris, the city of lights." The black and white photos provide an Ansel Adams-esque view of Paris that can't be seen any other way, and brings the attention to the bridges and city structures and not the colors of the city.

Honorable Mention - London Book Festival

The jury has just announced that The Glow of Paris: The Bridges of Paris at Night has been awarded the sole Honorable Mention award at the London Book Festival in the category of Art/photography