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The Great Time Lock Disaster, Sequel to Alligators Overhead
Becoming a wizard is hard work. For Pete Riley it’s almost impossible. He tries to follow the rules, but he’s impatient, and being impatient only leads to trouble. Big trouble. He messes with a time spell when he shouldn’t, and he and his bookish friend, Weasel, are swept into Victorian England. No You Tube, no smoothies, no Manga. Not ever again. Not unless Pete figures out how to reverse his bad spell and free Weasel and him from the past. He has until the next full moon. . .only days away.

Pete Riley isn't very good at being an ordinary boy, but he's not much good at being a wizard either. Following the rules is pretty boring, and when he tries a time spell without permission, it goes all wrong. He unlocks a Time Lock and people start missing and turning up in centuries past and future. Pete and his friend Weasel fall back to Victorian England. They could be trapped there forever without video games and aunt Lizzie's pot roast if Pete can't figure out how to reverse the spell before the next full moon.

This sequel to ALLIGATORS OVERHEAD is even more fun than the first book. We are transported from the little swampy American town of Hadleyville to Victorian England. To the time of Queen Victoria's coronation to be exact. It's quite the different setting, especially for Pete and Weasel, and I loved seeing them out of their own time. Great atmospheric details but not overwhelming to the plot.

Pete is a normal boy in that his impatience gets him into trouble, except for the fact he's a wizard and the trouble that finds him is much bigger than ordinary kids'! I especially like Weasel as he's a kid that wouldn't go on any adventures except in books, but being friends with Pete has him living these thrilling experiences. I particularly liked meeting Margaret. I do hope we get to see more of her. And Dr. Dread Wraith. He's a great mystery!

I highly recommend C. Lee McKenzie's book to anyone that loves quirky MG urban fantasy. I do hope there's more coming in this series!

Book 3 Underway

I've written several chapters of book 3 in the Pete Riley series, but with this one I'm having to do more research than I expected, so it's taking some time. 

I'm hoping to get some serious progress underway this summer.