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Oren Basse
Sometimes, trouble just finds you. Ryan Kelty seems to have a perfect life - great job, great girlfriend, great apartment. But haunting visions of an incident from earlier in his young life threaten to derail everything. Driven by his inability to overcome the dilemma, he decides to abandon everything... to go backpacking in South America. Nervous and unsure at first in a big city, Ryan eventually settles down after making friends and finding his way to remote beaches and isolated jungles. He even meets a girl along the way that he begins to travel with. But not everything is peaceful and not everyone is nice. He inadvertently steps into the fringes of a black market operation and is gradually lured deeper and deeper into a network of illegal activity. By the time he realizes what is going on, he finds himself as the focal point of a looming plot, and the next thing he knows, he is being hunted by some unseen individuals. It is up to him to figure out who he can and can not trust before it is too late. In this thrilling sequel to 2014's The Europe Tracks, follow Ryan as he deals with a whole new set of problems and tries to escape the danger he encounters along... The Gringo Trail