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The Gypsy and the Hidden Mystic
No one wants to befriend a seventeen-year-old self-proclaimed psychic living alone in a caravan, telling fortunes for a living. Yet, this doesn’t bother Gypsy Marin. The world underestimates her, but little do they know, she harbors a secret gift. On one fateful journey back to her home, Gypsy meets two strangers who are brave enough to travel with her to this seemingly impossible world, where caravans fly and dishes float in midair. Despite the smiles all around Gypsy’s home, there’s a ruthless king implementing harsh laws that threaten their freedom and a rebel group that’s ready to take action against the king. Not willing to let her beloved home be torn apart, Gypsy and her two new friends set out on a dangerous quest to find the one person who may just be able to prevent disaster from unfolding: the Hidden Mystic.