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J.B. Keats
The Habit of Habit
A practical and unique guide to diabetes, prediabetes, and waist control created by a doctor diagnosed with the disease, The Habit of Habits is a straightforward method of saving your life. Guided by Benjamin Franklin's wisdom and the latest medical science, it sorts the confusing blizzard of advice about diabetes and weight control, debunking common myths in favor of a simple, mindful, take-charge method tailored to your unique personality, one that's guaranteed to decrease your blood sugar along with your waistline. Based on time-tested principles and up to date research on diabetes, habit formation, and weight control, The Habit of Habits teaches a personal, step-by-step, one-day-at-a time, no pressure method of weight and blood glucose reduction using the immense power of habit to set a course that will last your lifetime. By focusing on specific behaviors one at a time and built one on another, you'll mindfully construct habits that defeat your disease. Looking for a way out of diabetes, prediabetes, and excess weight? You found it!