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Dan Duffy
Author, Service Provider
The Half Book: He's taking his ball and going home
Dan Duffy, author
Dan Duffy had finally hit the stride of his life. The almost-successful video producer and sports director for the nationally syndicated Steve and DC Radio Show had just met the girl of his dreams. Everything seemed to be coming together… and it was shattered in an instant. Lingering back pain masked a stage-three testicular cancer diagnosis, forcing Dan into a six-month purgatory of survival, partially physical, partially psychological, and almost entirely ridiculous. The highest high and the lowest low within two hours of each other, the side effects providers forgot to mention, a failed trip to the reproductive services office, the dirty emotional secrets that lurk in the shadows, and the high-stakes showdown that almost threw his entire treatment regimen out the window were just some of the moments of Dan’s induction into the cancer fraternity… an organization he didn’t ask to join, but one which ultimately changed his life forever.