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TR Dillon
The Hall of Brains
TR Dillon, author
The Hall of Brains is the last of the great stem-hosting facilities. Its more than fourteen million human brain stems produce all the energy that powers the planets inside the Boundaries. Having destroyed the other three facilities, the rogue Mendacian, Tuurtt Benedict, now turns his dark attention to the Hall of Brains. If he succeeds in destroying it, tens of billions will die horribly, and the universe will fall into ruin. 13-year-old Radithorne Smith knows little about the Hall of Brains except that his parents work there. He has not yet heard of a planet called Earth. He's just emerged from a lifetime of disabling headaches. All he wants is to enjoy a life without pain. Like the other kids. Except Raddy is not like the other kids. After all, the other kids can't hear the fourteen million brain stems -- the Choir! -- singing to them. "I thought about Tuurtt Benedict plotting to destroy the universe as I knew it. Someone needed to stop him. I was just glad no one was expecting me to do it." Well, Raddy was right about one thing. Tuurtt Benedict was plotting to destroy the universe.