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The HAunting Of Smith Orchard
The summer of 1960 finds siblings Ellis, Wanda and young Timmy moving with their parents from town to an old farmhouse and orchard. Strange events begin to occur almost immediately, odd noises coming from the upstairs bedroom, and a picture is being moved from an old trunk in the attic. While out exploring the old barn, the kids run across Joe, the foreman at the estate, and he tells them about Amanda and Eli Smith, past owners of Smith Orchard. Amanda was home alone one stormy summer day while Eli and Joe were out working. She fell from a stool while cleaning a chandelier and hit her head, and though she managed to crawl out to the deck, Amanda died before help could arrive. Eli was left devastated, especially when he couldn’t find the special locket his wife had always worn. The kids believe the ghost of Eli is behind the strange happenings in the house and they go on a quest to find this missing locket before school starts in the fall.