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Terri Exum
The Healer: The Gift of Suffering Book 1
Jason is an usual young man in many ways. He struggles with dyslexia and a severe stutter, which earns him the dubious title of learning disabled (LD), just another way of saying Loser Dude. He also has the rather unique ability to decipher vibrations from a person’s body to reveal the mystery of what ails them. Maybe that’s why he can also see beings from the other side. Jason’s fragile faith in God is shattered when he tragically loses his father. His young life takes a dangerous turn after he discovers what really happened to his father and who is responsible for his death. Descending into an extraordinary spiritual journey, he is taken to a place filled with intrigue and wonder. It is there he discovers the deepest of ancient secrets, and how the gift of suffering comes to all who wish to achieve true greatness.