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The Healing Touch
The Healing Touch is about love and what it means. It aims to show what loyalty, fidelity, and passion looks like, and to question our core beliefs about love. It is the story of a woman who loves three men, but in very different ways. Isabelle Cooper realises that although she still loves her husband, Simon, of twenty some years, they have not had a physical relationship for many years. As for an emotional relationship... Simon's lower sex drive has practically stopped now that they've hit their fifties. That, and the fact that he seems to prefer watching porn has had a detrimental effect on their love life over the years. Isabelle, having a much higher sex drive and having been faithful to him for all those years, is not willing to give up on that part of herself yet. With the encouragement of her friends she eventually finds a younger friend-with-benefits, Greek God, Angelo. Thinking it would be safe emotionally, because what could she possibly have in common with someone that much younger than herself, she allows herself to experience passionate sexual pleasure for the first time in more than twenty years. Big mistake! They fall deeply in love with each other. Meanwhile, she also has a profound bond and connection with a gay friend and colleague, who dies tragically. The Healing Touch tells of the ups and downs, the seriousness and the hilarity of these three loves in her life and how, through loving sincerely, we can heal our deepest hurts and pain. The book questions our deeply ingrained rules about relationships and hopefully, will make readers think. It is an empowering book for women, because the main character is a vibrant, sexy woman in her fifties hilariously going through the menopause, but refusing to conform and 'disappear' as is perhaps expected of her. The Healing Touch shows that 'older' women are still valid and valuable, despite what culture or the media would have us believe and accept.