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The Hobo Kingdom 'A Chase of Blood on Steel'

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

The Hobo Kingdom is the world of the vast railroad system in America, populated by people who choose to live untethered and free. This world operates outside the constraints of society, off the grid of police protection and below the radar of the legal system. Bad news is rolling down these tracks. Theft, rape and murder against the nomadic hobos, tramps and bums who chose these steel rails as transportation and home is on the rise. Violent men have seen the reality; the Hobo Kingdom is fair game, take what you want, rape who you can and kill any who get in your way....blood everywhere. Due North, Marv and Big hear the tales, listen to the rumble, decide that all must change. They will strive to right the wrongs, even the scores, and stop the chaos. Vigilantes? Yes. Operating outside the scope of moral society? Yes. Honorable? That is yet to be decided. Two boys; Glen and Denny are thrown into this battle of good and evil to fend the best they can. Join the chase of blood on steel as Due North and Marv lead their clan after Two Trains Running and York the Shark and any others who choose to prey on the innocent folks who live in the Hobo Kingdom.