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The Hunger Games Protocol

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

The Hunger Games Protocol. This is an adult book; it is not for young children! It has been written as if the hunger games were a ghastly reality and I have used concepts, language and descriptions of violence, sexual innuendo etc, that many younger readers may find highly confronting. There is no other possible way to describe a culture that takes joy and delight in a horror such as the Hunger Games; and we must all keep in mind that to conceal, diminish, sanitize or obscure reality and truth, is to play a “Capitols” game… The book is set between the 73rd and 74th games and you will notice that some of the story contradicts or doesn’t always marry up with the original Hunger games novels or movies, it’s not supposed to… We must remember that Ms Everdeen was a mere tribute, an ignorant child of the districts with a superficial knowledge of the games and it’s working at best, where as Mr Clarr is the CEO directorate of Hunger games and Avox services, the man who runs the show! I also believe Katniss’s story may well have been written by her “biographer” (Suzanne Collins) several years after the rebellion and there are probably a great many things Ms Everdeen may have witnessed or done that were irrelevant to her tale. More probably she has simply forgotten about things over the years, but more likely she may not want the people of New Panem and future generations to ever know the full truth… Enjoy.