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The Hunt for Komodo Cracker
Somewhere in the Zagros Mountains, a secret Christian league with time travel technology has excavated an ancient Persian stela with a coded message. Decrypting the message was easy; interpreting it was a whole other challenge. When the league discovered that Thomas Faraday, a Montreal network security professional holds the secret to the coded stela, he is recruited for a mission back in time to the mighty Persian Empire of 473 BC. Thomas however has problems of his own. A hacker called Komodo has infiltrated the Montreal pharmaceutical company he was commissioned to defend. In an uncharacteristic twist Komodo does not steal or harm the network, what he does however is leave encrypted files for Thomas to find. Despite this, he accepts the league’s proposal. The mission seemed simple enough. Witness and document firsthand the rich history associated with the Bible book of Esther and the mighty Persia Empire for the purpose of conciliating the age old dispute between science and religion. Soon after Thomas and his time traveling companions arrive in Persia, they discover the league is hiding a sinister plot. Now, with time running out and trapped in an ancient nation at war, Thomas must decipher both the Komodo files and the Persian stela if he and his fellow time travelers ever hope to return to the twenty-first century. As if this is not challenging enough, their journey is hampered by betrayal. Someone among them does not want Thomas Faraday to succeed.