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The Ice Cap and the Rift
Tense, driving thriller reminiscent of the Indian Jones Books. Marshall Chamberlain gives us an adventure into plausible reality. —A COMBOQUAKE RAKES THE TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED MILE ATLANTIC RIDGE —A FIFTEEN-MILE LONG RIFT TEARS ACROSS ICELAND’S LARGEST ICE CAP —SATELLITE IMAGERY REVEALS A LARGE CAVERN DOWN THE RAGGED CREVASSE —THERE ARE FROZEN OBJECTS AND STRUCTURES THAT SHOULDN’T BE THERE The UN’s Institute for the Study of Unusual Phenomena (ISUP) and its new director, John Henry Morgan, geologist, ex-marine, are cast into the aftermath of the largest single shift ever recorded in the Earth’s crust and the strange anomalies left in its wake. When it’s discovered the cavern was occupied 180,000 years ago and contains a perfectly preserved hi-tech habitat and a travel machine, ISUP’s benign scientific expedition to study the origin and contents of the cavern turns chaotic. Ferreting out the existence and significance of the discoveries, nations and terrorists mount sophisticated operations to acquire technological treasures for their own purposes. Frantic action streams across the globe, crossing oceans and air lanes: Prague; London; New York; Washington, D.C.; Libya; France; Spain; Iceland; China. As factions grapple for control, survival of the ISUP scientists lies in their choices of whom to trust and determining how the mysterious new technologies function. Marshall Chamberlain weaves a magnificent adventure into plausible reality, transporting readers into unique realms of danger and suspense. Stalwart characters meet avarice and violence head-on in Book II of the Ancestor Series of adventure-thrillers. The Ice Cap and the Rift is spellbinding and scientifically mysterious.